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AGRA GROUP a.s. has been focusing on the issue of plant nutrition and the related development of new technologies since we began operating. Our company cooperates with many research and university workplaces and participates in research projects addressing current agricultural practice issues. An important part of all these company activities is the provision of professional consultancy, but above all, a comprehensive consultancy in the area of field crops through a network of regional representatives.

The acquired knowledge, research results and many years' experience as professional specialists in the nutrition of field and special crops in 2007 enabled the full development of consultancy in orchards and vineyards throughout the Czech Republic, which is highly demanded in fruit-growing practice. This consultancy is then provided through regional representatives with the participation of our specialist in nutrition of orchards and vineyards.

As part of the existing consultancy, AGRA GROUP a.s. provides an assessment of the current nutritional status of field crops, orchards and vineyards and, based on results, we provide proposals for such nutritional measures, leading to a reduction in lost yields and production quality. All advisory and consulting activities are provided free of charge by the company for agricultural entities as part of support for the sale of foliar fertilizers.

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