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Support for plant activity

K-FENOL MIX increases plant intake and utilization of nutrients.

Packaging: 5 l /25 ha canister

Product list Technical specification

Product Characteristics

K-FENOL MIX increases plant activity and performance and supports yield-generating elements.

Purpose of Use and Action Mode

K-FENOL MIX influences the processes in plants that are involved in yield production management. It increases the uptake and utilization of nutrients by plants, especially in the period when the vegetation is already sufficiently active and have the conditions for a strong increase in metabolic performance. Increased nutrient uptake will have a positive effect on the amount of formed building and energetic substances. This supports the formation of yield-generating elements, limits their reduction and positively influences the yield and quality production parameters.
The so-called elicitation also contributes to the effect of K-FENOL MIX. Nitrophenolates act as carriers of information that awakens the plant's defensive metabolic activities without the onset of stress and depletion of energy resources. The increased metabolic potential is then transferred to the generation of yield elements or suppresses the damage consequences after herbicide application or hail.
The effect of nitrophenolates in increasing the resistance of rape pods to gall midge infestation has long been known.

K-FENOL MIX significantly supports

  • root activity
  • assimilation area activity
  • uptake and utilization of nutrients
  • creation and building storage and substances


  • Potassium 4-nitrophenolate
  • Potassium 2-nitrophenolate
  • Potassium 5-nitroguaiacolate

Application Recommendation

  • optimum application temperature 8 to 25 °C
  • optimal amount of spray mixture 150 to 300 l/ha

Mixing possibilities – if not in conflict with legislation and if not prohibited by the manufacturer, can be combined with foliar fertilizers, growth regulators, plant protection products and UAN, AmisaN, AmiPhos, UAN and UAS fertilizers, if not applied through nozzles with holes.

In the above-mentioned combinations, the spray liquid must not run down to the soil but must adhere to the leaves so that the maximum amount of active substances penetrates the foliar area into the plant.

Follow valid label when using. Apply K-FENOL MIX by spraying on the leaf in the following doses and periods:

Crop Dose (concentration) Maximum number of applications Application period and efficiency
Cereals 0,2 l/ha 2 1. from the beginning of tillering 2. before heading or the beginning of heading, influencing the quality – increasing the content of N-substances in the grain
Winter rape Spring rape Mustard 0,2 l/ha 3 1.leaf rosette phase 2. before flowering to the beginning of flowering, increase in the number of pods 3. pod colour changes from dark to light green, increase in yield, reduction of losses
Sunflower 0,2 l/ha 2 1. phase 4-6 leaves 2. beginning of flowering
Poppy 0,2 l/ha 2 1. leaf rosette phase 2. phase of extension growth to production of hooks
Sugar beet 0,2 l/ha 2 1. in the stage of 4-6 pairs of true leaves 2. Sugar beet covers the interlines
Hop 0,2 l/ha 4 1. intensive growth phase (2 m height) 2. 7–10 days after 1st application 3. before flowering 4. after flowering
Potatoes 0,2 l/ha 3 1. plants cover the interlines 2. about 14 days after the 1st application 3. 14 days after 2nd application
Grapevine 0,2 l/ha (0,04%) 4 1. before flower 2. – 4. in the interval of 10-14 days
Maize 0,2 l/ha 2 1. phase of 6-10 leaves 2. beginning of flower buds
Pea 0,2 l/ha 2 1st phase approx. 5–10 cm 2. before flowering
Soybean 0,2 l/ha 2 1st phase approx. 5–10 cm 2. before flowering
Caraway 0,2 l/ha 2 1. second year – early spring 2. approx. 14 days after the first application
Flax 0,2 l/ha 2 1. at a plant height of about 10 cm 2. at the beginning of rapid growth, increasing the yield of long fibre
Onion and garlic 0,2 l/ha (0,04%) 3 1. in the two true leaves phase (height 15 cm) 2. about 14 days after the 1st application 3. approx. 14 days after the 2nd application
Pome fruit 0,2 l/ha 3 1. before flowering 2. approx. 14 days after 1st application 3. about 14 days after 2nd application
Stone fruit 0,3 l/ha 2 1. at the beginning of flowering, at the flowering of 20% of flowers 2. at the end of flowering, about 7-10 days after the 1st application
Tomatoes 0,2 l/ha (0,04%) 3 1. after planting 2. in the butonization phase 3. at the beginning of flowering of the first flowering stems days after 2nd applicationdays after 2nd application
Cucumber 0,2 l/ha (0,04%) 3 1. in the two true leaves phase 2. 14 days after the 1st application 3. 14
Pepper 0,2 l/ha (0,04%) 2 1. before the flower 2. 14 days after 1st application
Strawberries 0,2 l/ha (0,04%) 2 1. early spring 2. before flower

Keep at least 14 days between individual applications.

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