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CHEVRI Cu-Combi® 

Suspension fertilizer with copper in two oxidation levels.

Dosage: 1 - 2 l/ha
Packaging: 10 l can

Technical specification Leaflet

Product characteristics

CHEVRI Cu-Combi® fertilizer is designed to quickly solve copper deficiency in field crops, fruits, vegetables, vines and hops. It contains a special form of highly effective copper in a suspension formulation and a number of other important nutrients. The fertilizer contains a patent-protected form of copper in two oxidation levels (Cu+, Cu2+), which is only available in CHEVRI Cu-Combi®. The complex of all nutrients supports a wide range of plant physiological processes and thanks to the anti-stress component, the negative effects of temperature and moisture fluctuations on the plant are reduced.

Benefits of applying CHEVRI Cu-Combi® fertilizer

  • Supplies the plant with copper supported by other important nutrients
  • Improves the nutritional status of plants and promotes active metabolism
  • Contains an anti-stress ingredient (betaine) which, in combination with nutrients, reduces the effects of temperature and humidity fluctuations

Advantages of CHEVRI Cu-Combi® fertilizer

  • New active ingredient - Chevreul salt
  • High efficiency already at low copper doses (around 100 g/ha)
  • Optimized particle size
  • Special suspension formulation developed specifically for Chevreul salt
  • More cost-effective due to the effective action of copper