Foliar Fertilizer

Foliar fertilizer with a mild stimulating effect and a high content of boron for use throughout the entire vegetation.

Packaging: 20l canister, 500l and 1000l containers

Product list Technical specification

Product Characteristics

Foliar fertilizer with a mild stimulating effect and a high content of boron for use throughout the entire vegetation. Its application is possible in oilseeds, root crops, leguminous crops, fruit crops, grapevine and vegetables. Application in other crops is limited by the content of boron and the possible manifestation of its phytotoxicity – for this reason, it is necessary to adjust the dose.

Purpose of Use and Action Mode

The fertilizer is intended to compensate for boron deficiency that arose during the vegetation due to weather conditions or agro-technical measures. It contains essential nutrients to activate plant metabolism and a significant amount of boron to adjust nutritional status. The application bridges the period of unfavourable conditions for nutrient absorption and reduces the stress impact on plants.
The effect of nutrients is supported by the presence of biologically active organic substances.
The most suitable use is based on inorganic plant analyzes.


N, Mg, S and B nutrients and biologically active organic substances. All components are in fully dissolved active forms.


N: 180 g/l, MgO: 33 g/l, S: 26 g/l, B: 18 g/l

Organic Substances

Substances of polyphenolic and peptide character, which affect plant metabolism at hormonal level and through eliciting properties.
Their other function is to influence the fertilizer's physical properties – the wetting agent function, protection against washing, support to penetrate skin and reducing nutrient crystallization.

Application Recommendation

crop date dose amount of water
potatoes, sugar beet intensive growth period
(ideally based on inorganic plant analyzes)
10 l/ha * 200 – 600 l/ha
winter rape
spring rape
poppy, sunflower
leguminous plants
fruit cultures
cereals 2 l/ ha

* Temperatures should not fall below 5 °C during the application and for the next few days.


Based on experience, CAMPOFORT® Special B can be mixed with most plant protection products and morpho-regulators. However, we recommend performing a miscibility test with regard to variability in water quality.
CAMPOFORT® Special B is added to the spray mixture as the last component after the thorough mixing of previous substances.

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