Foliar Fertilizer

Potassium nitrophenolate in full dose with dissolved (non-suspended) nutrients. Especially with phosphorus, potassium and boron (MEA), as well as with humates and amino acids.

Dosage: 4 litres / ha
Packaging: 20l canister, 400l and 1000l containers

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Product Characteristics

Foliar fertilizer designed primarily to support the establishment of yield-generating elements in an intensive growth period. Synergy effect in the interaction of nutrients and specific organic substances: Humates and amino acids – in a balanced mixture supporting the absorption and use of nutrients applied to the leaf, while adjusting the leaf surface conditions (wettability, adhesion, etc.). And consequently, as natural substances, they are directly involved in plant metabolism. Nitrophenolates – belonging to the substances with a long-term proven effect on plants. Significantly increasing the intensity of metabolic processes, supporting the use of soil nutrients and plant growth. They help restore active growth after mechanical damage to plants and herbicidal stress.

FORTE gama FENOL fertilizer application benefits

  • higher root and assimilation area activity
  • increased absorption and utilisation of soil nutrients
  • growth process intensity support

FORTE gama FENOL fertilizer benefits

  • complex of selected nutrients and nitrophenolates
  • micronutrients in fully soluble chelated and organic links
  • the number of micronutrients covers the demands for growing crops
  • three different fertilizer types – a solution for each crop
  • sufficient amount of active nutrients at a favourable hectare dose
  • more cost-effective than mixing of individual components

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