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Cleaner for Agricultural Commodities

Post-harvest poppy processing, its drying, cleaning, packaging and storage.

  • We focus mainly on post-harvest poppy processing.
  • We offer drying, cleaning, packaging, storage of poppies and related services.
  • Receipt of poppies from fields or warehouses.
  • Determination of physical-chemical parameters, detection and prevention of pests, providing analyzes (morphine alkaloids, glyphosate, pesticides, Cd).
  • Drying poppy to the legally required humidity up to 8%.
  • Pre-cleaning and cleaning poppies – screen cleaners, pneumatic tables, Trier.
  • Packaging cleaned poppy seeds – BBs up to 1,000 kg, bags up to 50 kg.
  • Storing cleaned poppy seeds and poppy seeds in the poppy.


Quality Manager
Michal Ulrych
+420 601 340 172

Post-Harvest Poppy Treatment

We analyze poppies upon reception, dry them, clean them, pack them, store them. In 2009, the company opened a completely new modern poppy cleaning line, which is complemented with new technologies and gradually expands its capacity.

  • Receipt, drying, cleaning, packaging and storage of poppy seeds.
  • All processes are certified and regularly validated.

Reception of Poppies

  • The reception of poppies for storage is done "directly from the field", the warehouse capacity is sufficient to receive all poppies during the harvest period.
  • Poppies can also be received from the supplier's warehouses during the year.


  • Basic analyzes (humidity, temperature, purity, sensory properties, presence of pests) are performed during the reception together with weighing, immediately providing the information to the customer.
  • Determination of purity, cadmium, morphine, glyphosate, pesticides contents and other chemical parameters is provided externally.
  • Samples are collected by certified drying methods.


  • Drying is performed in drying boxes by blowing the raw material with pre-heated air.
  • Any increase in the temperature of the raw material is corrected by blowing air.


  • Pre-cleaning is performed on a Westrup pre-cleaning plant and Cimbria separators.


  • Cleaning is performed on Westrup cleaners and pneumatic tables Westrup, and Cimbria, JK Machinery, if necessary, Trier is used. The resulting purity of the poppy is usually 99.9%.
  • The cleaner is equipped with two permanent magnets for removing magnetic metals.
  • The cleaner is equipped with a detector of magnetic and non-magnetic metal particles with their separation.


  • Big bag (BB) up to 1000 kg.
  • Paper or cardboard bag up to 50 kg.
  • Smaller packages of 0.5 to 1 kg.


  • Poppy is stored in BBs in areas intended for food storage at the required temperature.
  • Loading and shipping is provided.

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