Liquid Fertilizer

Concentrated multi-component liquid NP fertilizer with Mn, Zn and B micro-elements and increased direct phosphorus efficiency.

Packaging: Bulk in tankers, 1,000 l containers

Product list Technical specification

Product Characteristics

Concentrated multi-component fertilizer with maximum direct phosphorus efficiency when applied to the soil surface with partial effect through leaves. Suitable for phosphorus application with nitrogen application in the crucial stages of growth and development, which is supported by increased plant metabolism activity through Mn, Zn and B micro-elements.

Purpose of Use and Action Mode

Supply of nitrogen, phosphorus and zinc, manganese and boron micro-elements to support plant growth and equalize the nutrient balance.
Support of balanced formation of above-ground mass and root system. This allows optimal use of water, nutrients and sunlight, as well as intensive establishment and development of yield-generating elements. Enhancing nutrient uptake by plants reduces stress caused by biotic and abiotic influences during subsequent vegetation.


N, P, B, Zn and Mn nutrients in fully dissolved active forms. Nutrient content per 100 l of fertilizer: N 30 kg, P2O5 8 kg, B (MEA) 15 g, Mn (EDTA) 30 g, Zn (EDTA) 30 g Phosphorus in the form of polyphosphate – increased soil permeation rate and entry into plant tissues.

Application Recommendation

Crop Autumn   Spring 1st application Spring 2nd application
Date Dose Date Dose Date Dose
winter cereals from 3rd leaf 50 – 100 l/ha onset of spring 100 – 250 l/ha during tillering and stem extension 100 – 250 l/ha
spring cereals - - before sowing, before emergence 100 – 300 l/ha during tillering and stem extension 100 – 250 l/ha
poppy, spring rape - - before sowing, before emergence 100 – 300 l/ha leaf rosette until bud appears 100 – 250 l/ha
winter rape from 3rd leaf until bud appears 50 – 150 l/ha onset of spring 100 – 250 l/ha extension growth 100 – 250 l/ha
sunflower, corn, sugar beet, potatoes, mustard - - before sowing, before emergence 100 – 400 l/ha - -

Follow valid label when using.


AmiPhos cannot be combined with fertilizers containing calcium, magnesium and manganese or zinc in inorganic form. We always recommend performing a miscibility test before combining with other fertilizers and plant protection products.

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