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Consultancy in the field crop nutrition covers everything related to the use, production, development and sale of foliar fertilizers and UREAstabil®  StabilureN® products. Individual products offered within the AGRA GROUP a.s.  activities are always very closely connected with the solution for the customer's problem in a specific plant and under the given conditions.

These are targeted, not random interventions, and we approach each plant as a specific problem. Therefore, the customer service provided throughout the Czech Republic by a group of regional representatives is also of great importance (see Contacts), both in field crop production consultancy in the area of orchards and vineyards.

We deal in great detail with the issue of nitrogen nutrition (nitrogen management) in an effort to create new, more efficient and profitable cultivation technologies, which aim at achieving better use of amide nitrogen and reducing its loss during use. In this regard, we work closely with the Research Institute of Crop Production in Prague Ruzyně and organize a number of professional seminars throughout the Czech Republic.

AGRA GROUP a. S. uses an extensive network of contracted laboratories to monitor the nutritional status of field crops throughout the country, partly in Slovakia, Poland and Lithuania. Every year, we obtain a large number of results from monitoring the nutritional status of vegetation using inorganic plant analyzes and determining mineral nitrogen (N-min), which we use for diagnostics.

The results are processed and are immediately delivered to the customer in the form of an output from the special AGRALAB software. Our products RETAFOS®prim, CAMPOFORT®FORTE FENOL or K-FENOL MIX already have a firm place in the intensive cultivation technologies of most leading farmers.

Together with the range of StabilureN® auxiliary products, AGRA GROUP a.s. has offered a new service to its customers since 2011 - Determination of N losses during the application of UAN 390. Each plot has, in terms of soil properties, processing technologies, pre-crops, distance from organic fertilization, etc., different preconditions for the activity of the urease enzyme and therefore the rate of amide nitrogen conversion to ammonium nitrogen. This is also related to the level of nitrogen losses by release into the air. We offer you an opportunity free-of-charge to verify in your soil conditions through a laboratory analysis, how much nitrogen you are losing on a specific site and whether and how the application of StabilureN® products is beneficial for you. Contact our regional representatives to request this service.

For a specific nutritional status solution, contact:

Ing. Jaroslav Mráz
Mobile phone: +420 602 261 435

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