Liquid Fertilizer
AmisaN B

Concentrated multi-component fertilizer based on urea and ammonium sulphate and boron.

Packaging: Bulk in tankers, 1,000 l (1.200 kg) containers

Product list Technical specification

Product Characteristics

Concentrated multi-component fertilizer based on urea, ammonium sulphate and boron solution intended for fertilization into the soil before the emergence of cover and fertilization during the vegetation on the emerged cover. Used in vegetation with higher demands on boron.

Purpose of Use and Action Mode

The fertilizer is suitable for use in fertilizing all field crops that react positively to the combination of nitrogen, sulphur and boron in the fertilizer used. To maximize the benefits of the urea component, we recommend adding the urease inhibitor StabilureN®30.

The advantages of AmisaN B fertilizer are reflected in the positive properties of the supply of 80% N in the form of urea, which acts through the soil and through the leaf. This ensures a minimal risk of delaying the effect with a sufficient amount of effective sulphur and boron as an important element for the cell membrane construction and stability and the generative organs formation.


Total nitrogen 228,0 g / l of fertilizer, whereby 182.0 g / l count for urea.
Water-soluble sulphur 60 g / l. Water-soluble boron 0,5 g / l.

Application Recommendation

Crop Application period Recommended dose
cereals regenerative and productive fertilization 100 – 400 l/ha*
oil crops regenerative and productive fertilization 100 – 600 l/ha*
root crops before sowing (planting), or pre-emergently 100 – 600 l/ha
legumes regenerative fertilization 100 – 300 l/ha
vegetables seedbed preparation or during vegetation 100 – 500 l/ha*

* When applying to vegetation, divide the dose above 300 l/ha into two individual doses

The stated doses express the approximate requirements for nutrients. For specific crops, it is appropriate to specify the doses using diagnostic procedures (soil and plant analyzes) and also take into account any previous fertilization with livestock manure and the effect of the previous crops.

The fertilizer is also well effective in the system of minimal tillage and catch crops. Due to the fact that the fertilizer contains fast and slow-acting forms of nitrogen, it can be used to fertilize soils with good sorption properties with selected crops once for the entire vegetation. It is a beneficial solution that can be used in crops that respond well to sulphur fertilisation (oil s, onions, garlic, legume, soybean, etc.). For these crops, due to the fast-acting sulphur, we recommend timing the application to the period, in which the plant requires sulphur the most. To prevent nitrogen losses by volatilization and increase nitrogen mobility in the soil, we recommend adding StabilureN® during application.

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