Foliar Fertilizer

Foliar fertilizer containing copper chelate, which is part of a number of enzymatic processes, such as processing of nitrate nitrogen in plants.

Packaging: 20 l canister, 500 l and 1000 l containers

Product list Technical specification

Product Characteristics

Foliar fertilizer designed to quickly address copper deficiency in field crops, fruits, grapevine and hops.

Purpose of Use and Action Mode

Copper is involved in some enzymatic processes of nitrogen transformations (second phase of nitrification, fixation of atmospheric nitrogen). In plants, the links between copper and nitrogen metabolism are clear. In case of copper deficiency, the use of nitrogen decreases, with less grain being grown in cereals as a result of disrupting the formation of generative organs. Copper has a positive effect on the stability of chlorophyll, and, therefore, with sufficient amount of copper, plants are greener for longer and photosynthesis is higher.


Liquid nitrogen fertilizer containing nitrogen, magnesium, sulphur and copper in chelated form in fully soluble forms.


N: 180 g/l, MgO: 30 g/l, S: 23 g/l, Cu (EDTA): 5.0 g/l

Application Recommendation

Crop Date Recommended dose amount of water
cereals BBCH 22 – 61 12 kg (10 litres)/ha 120 – 300 l/ha
corn BBCH 13 – 51 12 kg (10 litres)/ha 150 – 300 l/ha
rape, mustard, poppy, sunflower BBCH 16 – 61 12 kg (10 litres)/ha  120 – 300 l/ha
potatoes, sugar beet BBCH 14 – 85 12 kg (10 litres)/ha 150 – 300 l/ha
leguminous plants BBCH 13 – 59 12 kg (10 litres)/ha 150 – 300 l/ha
hops, fruit crops, vegetables, grapevine   12 kg (10 litres)/ha 300 – 2000 l/ha

* Temperatures should not fall below 5 °C during the application and for the next few days.


Based on experience, CAMPOFORT® Special Cu can be mixed with most plant protection products and morpho-regulators. However, we recommend performing a miscibility test with regard to variability in water quality. CAMPOFORT® Special Cu is added to the spray mixture as the last component after the thorough mixing of previous substances.

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