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Poppy Trade

Purchase and sale of blue and white poppies.

Poppy Trade - Buying and Sale

  • We offer the sale of poppy seeds cleaned at the AGRA GROUP poppy cleaner.
  • We offer an interesting discount programme for poppy seed sales cleaned at the treatment plant in Nový Bydžov.
  • We offer sales for poppy seeds cleaned at other treatment plants; poppies must be of Czech origin.
  • We offer to buy poppies at fixed prices before its harvest.
  • We sell poppies throughout the EU.
  • We sell poppies in countries outside the EU.
  • We trade poppies of Czech origin.
  • We offer to buy blue and white poppies.
  • We offer the sale of white and blue poppies.


Sales Manager for Poppy Commodity
Tomáš Kopenec
+420 724 519 441

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