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Auxiliary Preparation

Vitiagra is a chlorine-free liquid NPK (S) fertiliser designated for orchards and vineyards.

Packaging: 500l and 1,000l containers

Product list Technical specification

Product Characteristics

Vitiagra is a chlorine-free liquid NPK (S) fertilizer designated for orchards and vineyards. Nutrients are represented in the optimal ratio, which copies plant requirements. The sulphur contained in the fertilizer helps to make more efficient use of N by plants.

Purpose of Use and Action Mode

Combined NPK fertilizer for vineyards and orchards. The fertilizer also contains other excipients, whereby the auxin component plays a major role. The auxin component not only allows applying the fertilizer by surface and drip irrigation, but especially in depth, where the auxin present significantly helps faster root regeneration.
Liquid fertilizers applied to the soil are in direct contact with the soil solution. Through diffusion and capillary action, they very easily and quickly get to the immediate vicinity of the roots from the application site. This increases the fertilizer's speed of action and efficiency is not dependent on precipitation.


N, P and K nutrients and biologically active organic substances. All components are in fully dissolved active forms.


N: 35 g/l, P2O5: 53 g/l, K2O: 116 g/l, S: 28 g/l

Organic Substances

Auxin-like substances.

Application Recommendation

Deep fertilization of the soil after planting

Fertilizer is applied to existing plants diluted with water in a 1: 1 ratio. The optimal application depth is 20 to 40 cm for vineyards and 20 to 30 cm for orchards. Fertilizer can be applied during the dormancy period in spring and autumn and at the beginning of vegetation until the end of June. The fertilizer is applied annually; the application is independent of soil temperature and humidity. However, we do not recommend applying after heavy rain or if heavy rain is expected immediately after application.


Fertilizer dose 1) (l/ha) Dilution before application
pome fruit

600 - 800

dilute 1:1 with water
stone fruit

800 - 1 200

small fruits

700 - 1 000

strawberries 2)



300 - 500

fruit tree nurseries


1) these are indicative doses of concentrated fertilizer before dilution. We recommend determining them before application based on soil and leaf or petiole analyzes. Lower doses are applied to young plants, higher doses are intended for application to plants in full fertility.

2) we recommend dividing the stated amount into 2-3 partial doses during the year, based on leaf analyzes. There is no need for deep application in fruit-bearing strawberries.

Fertilization with drip irrigation (fertigation)

Drip fertilization (fertigation) has two effects: water supply and adjustable nutrient supply. VITIAGRA does not contain particles larger than 100 μm and can be used in drip irrigation without problems. The fertilizer has a pH of 6.2 and therefore does not cause undesirable soil acidification even after longer use.

The core of success is the timing of the application and the choice of dose. In this regard, AGRA GROUP a.s. has developed special software for assessing the nutritional status of plants.

Surface application

Surface application is suitable for shallow-rooted crops (strawberries, vegetables). Fertilization is carried out with a system of waterlogging or watering so that the green parts of the plants are not involved. Surface application of liquid fertilizer to strawberries and vegetables contributes to the rapid uptake of nutrients by plants. Therefore, even here, it is important to time the application correctly and determine the amount of fertilizer, preferably based on soil and plant analysis.

For vegetables, do not fertilize right before or during harvest.

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