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Fruit cultures and vineyards with their demands, requirements and properties differ significantly from conventional field crops. The main difference lies in the fact that these crops grow in one place for several years and when they are planted, storage fertilization is carried out. Using higher doses of nutrients can suppress the uptake of some micro-elements, whose delivery to the soil would be completely ineffective, and the only option is foliar application. Similarly, an unsatisfactory soil pH has a negative effect on the uptake of micro-elements.

The core of consultancy activities and the ground for the use of AGRA GROUP a.s. are performed plant analyzes, as well as, to a lesser extent, soil analyzes. The results obtained in our contract laboratories are then assessed by the unique AGRALAB software system, which can determine deficiencies, optimums or surpluses of individual nutrients.

For us, each orchard represents a completely unique set, where we focus on eliminating the largest deficiencies of individual nutrients. In addition, due to changing meteorological conditions, the situation on the same plot differs completely from year to year.

Foliar nutrition in the field of macro-elements can effectively prevent a reduction in the yield or quality of the cultivated product when used with targeted application and helps to eliminate the adverse effects of the year, when poor soil and climatic conditions can cause the nutritional status to deviate from the optimum.

In the field of micro-elements, one or two applications can already compensate the plant for the year-round need for nutrients. If the lack of a micro-element is the cause of a poor result of cultivating a particular crop, a surprising increase in production or quality can be achieved at relatively low financial costs. Our experiments show that foliar application of micro-nutrients is many times more economically advantageous than their application to the soil.

In general, we are able to perform plant analysis at any time during the growing season according to the grower's requirements. However, we recommend targeting the sampling dates to earlier phases or to phases critical for the collection of specific nutrients. The sooner the deficiency in the crop nutritional status is detected, the less it costs to eliminate it and the better the overall effect of the intervention.

For pome fruits, we not only perform diagnostics on leaves but also fruits. By influencing the ratios of N/Ca and Ca/ (K + Mg) in the fruits, their very good storage life can then be achieved. In addition, foliar nutrition increases the total uptake of soil nutrients. This is because the foliar uptake of the elements causes the excretion of higher amounts of sugars and other exudates from the roots into the rhizosphere. These exudates support microbial activity around the roots, making nutrients available to the plant. By ensuring a balanced nutrition, cyclic fertility in orchards can be prevented.

Appropriate correction of the nutritional status can achieve better colouring for fruit, prevent fruit from cracking (e.g. in Hungarian cherry varieties).

What does using our system bring to growers? Above all, they are sure that they fertilize only with the nutrients that plants really need and can use. This method suits both the physiology of the plants and further saves the grower's costs and meets the ecological demands placed on agriculture.

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