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Seed Dressing

Seed treatment with mordants, seed treatment using a physical method to protect plants in the period after sowing.

Seed treatment with chemical substances, so-called mordants to protect plants in the period after sowing.

  • We offer treatment (dressing) of all commonly dressed plant seeds with liquid and powder substances (mordants) - poppy, cereals, soybeans, peas, etc.
  • We offer seed treatment with the physical method E-Ventus – an innovative treatment, seed surface sterilisation by irradiation with low-energy electrons.
  • We offer poppy seed sales.

Used Mordants

The use of mordants varies depending on current legislation and regulations for substances authorised for plant treatment.

  • Cruiser – insect-fungicide
  • Enviseed – a nutritional product
  • M–Sunagreen – auxin stimulator
  • Terrasorb – stimulator

Offered Varieties

  • Blue poppy varieties – Applause, Major, Marathon, Opal
  • White poppy varieties – Eagle


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