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Agro Division

AGRA GROUP a.s. was founded in 1992 in Střelské Hoštice. Since the beginning, the company has engaged in activities related to fertilizer production, both for gardeners and agricultural use. The Agro Division of AGRA GROUP a.s. currently focuses exclusively on agriculture, and thanks to a wide range of mostly innovative products, it is one of the Czech Republic's leading fertilizer producers.

An important part of company activities is the provision of professional consultancy services, but above all, a comprehensive consultancy in the area of field crops through a network of regional representatives. The company's important activities include, among others things, long-term cooperation with research institutes and agricultural universities to solve research tasks and grants in the fields of plant nutrition and stimulation, while the most promising research results are immediately introduced into agricultural practice in the form of new technologies and products. The acquired knowledge, research results and many years' experience as professional specialists in the nutrition of field and special crops will continue to form a solid ground for the AGRA GROUP's future development.

Food Division

The acquisition of the former dairy factory in Nový Bydžov in 2008 was an important milestone in the company's business history, on this basis the AGRA GROUP also expanded its activities within the food industry. The reason for this significant investment was the company's effort to make the most effective use of the experience gained so far and established contacts with primary agricultural production entities and then use them as a ground for a creating production base allowing to also produce innovative products in the food industry. The company's Food Division in Nový Bydžov plant provides post-harvest treatment of agricultural crops, packaging and storing agricultural commodities, drying, thickening and mixing food products, and with future prospects, also prepares the production of its own innovative food products.

In addition to the gradual introduction of other innovative products in the Czech Republic, one of the company's strategic priorities for the future is their greater expansion on foreign markets.

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Agro Division

Headquarters in Střelské Hoštice

Tovární 201
387 15 Střelské Hoštice

+420 383 399 737

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Food Division

Sales and production food division in Nový Bydžov
Třída B. Smetany 1332
504 01 Nový Bydžov

+420 724 703 620

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