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Crop Technology

All crops have specific needs during their vegetation season. These needs arise from the ongoing physiological processes in the plant in a particular development phase, from the reactions to the habitat conditions in which the plant is located and are largely influenced by the cultivation goal (product yield and its quality requirements). Crop technology is a model that includes a set of measures and their timing so that the needs of agricultural crops are best met, and the risks associated with their cultivation are suppressed as much as possible.

In the menu on the left, we have prepared examples of crop technologies in terms of plant nutrition with presented possibilities of using products from the AGRA GROUP a.s. range of products to solve a specific problem during vegetation.

In each technology, the developmental stages of the crop are graphically marked using the BBCH scale and above them the period, where it is optimal to solve a specific problem during vegetation. The specified period coincides in colour with the recommendation that proposes a solution to the problem or support for vegetation that is developing well. Product use is characterized very generally, below the presented scale. For more detailed information, see the Products section.

These crop technologies need to be understood as a general model, as part of other cultivation measures, particularly plant protection interventions whereby they can mutually act. A specific knowledge of plant requirements and the conditions that a particular stand is located is always key for the decision to use the AGRA GROUP a.s. products.

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