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Nitrogen Management

Forms of nitrogen and use of inhibitors.
Opportunities and risks for effective nitrogen fertilization.

Forms of nitrogen

Each form of nitrogen has specific properties. After application, all forms of nitrogen undergo further transformations.

What are these specific properties and what transformations are happening? The diagram below answers to this. It also shows the points where nitrogen transformation inhibitors – urease inhibitor and nitrification inhibitor – interfere with the transformation.

Nitrogen transformations in soil and the effect of inhibitors



Inhibitor use suitability in nitrogen fertilizer applications

(IU = urease inhibitor; IN = nitrification inhibitor)

nitrogen application method




to the soil surface without incorporation

very suitable

very unsuitable


incorporation before spring sowing (planting)

  • medium and heavier soils
very suitable


very suitable
  • light, permeable


very suitable


application to seeds during sowing

very suitable



application to straw decomposition

  • when incorporated with straw



very suitable
  • to the surface without incorporation
very suitable

very unsuitable


Characteristic features in recent years

  • long autumn, warm winter => plants with shoots and branches (dense)
  • dry period during spring vegetation (see table) => limited penetration of N to the roots
  • arrival of late frosts => higher risk of damage to vegetation after fertilization with NO3-

Precipitation required for the effectiveness of fertilizers after application on the soil surface
and frequency of their occurrence for the period 2007 to 2016 (Ruzyně site)

Precipitation necessary for fertilizer efficiency

Frequency of occurrence of the necessary 
precipitation for the period 2007 to 2016

fertilizer type

the required total and maximum
precipitation distance after fertilizer application

for the monitored 10 years, the necessary prepitation occurred within 30 days after the application period:

when applied 15. 2.

when applied 1.3.


Repeated (min. 5 + 5 mm)

2 x

2 x


one-time up to five days (min. 5 mm), repeated over 5 mm at longer intervals 


2 x


Up to 21 days (min. 5 mm)

5 x

4 x

UREAstabil® - Urea with a urease inhibitor

Advantages of using UREAstabil® fertilizer

  • makes maximum use of rain to move N or the plant roots
  • fast and reliable uptake by N plants
  • does not damage the soil structure as NH4+ - does not limit water infiltration
  • possibility of applying higher doses in early periods
  • minimizes the risk of plant damage caused by late frosts

Application periods in which we enjoy the full benefits of UREAstabil® fertilizer

  • regenerative and productive fertilization of winter crops – cereals and rape
  • autumn fertilization of rape
  • fertilization of spring crops after the establishment of the vegetation
  • fertilization of spring crops before the establishment of the vegetation
  • permanent grassland fertilization

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