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Spray nettle slurry pH stabilizer to improve the effect of plant protection products and a fast-acting nitrogen, potassium, and anti-stress fertilizer.

Dosage: 0.3 – 1.0 litres / ha
Package: 5 l and 20 l can

Label Leaflet 

Product characteristics

Stabilizes the pH of the nettle slurry at a value that is suitable for many plant protection products, especially insecticides (approximately pH 4.7 - 5.5 depending on the composition of the nettle slurry). StimGUARD pH® also stabilizes the pH at the point of contact between the nettle slurry and the leaf and then, when crystallized and rewetted, stabilizes the pH of the resulting solution again.
The application of StimGUARD pH® contains the stress buffer Betaine, which, already at a dose of 0.3 l/ha, is contained in physiologically effective quantities that ensure a reduction in the influence of stress factors.


Benefits of StimGUARD pH® application

  • stabilizes the pH value at a suitable level (it is not merely acidifying), without the risk of over-acidification in case of overdosing
  • achieves the target pH at a low dose
  • lowers and stabilizes the pH of the nettle slurry even when boron is used
  • supplies potassium, which helps move assimilates to the points of consumption and stabilizes the plant’s water regime

Strengths of StimGUARD pH®

StimGUARD pH® enables the application of pH-sensitive plant protection products in spray nettle slurry, as it stabilizes the pH at 4.7 - 5.5 and thus promotes the stability of the active ingredients (e.g. pyrethroids and acetamiprid). It also contains potassium in an organic bond and betaine to ensure balanced plant metabolism without unnecessary and unproductive energy loss.