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Drying Operation

Thickening and drying of liquid foods and specialities, mixing powder products, their packaging and storage.

  • We offer free capacity for drying and thickening of products, production in service = toll processing
  • We offer the sale of our products – light malt extract – 80% or dried - light or dark, dried wort – light or dark, wheat dried wort
  • We offer tests (pilot tests) for product drying – setting drying parameters (suitable temperatures, nozzle…)
  • Vacuum evaporators – continuous and discontinuous, evaporator connected to a spray dryer
  • Two jet (spray) dryers Niro and Vzduchotorg
  • Mixing powder products (Nautamix plant)
  • Product packaging according to customer requirements – plastic buckets, paper bags, bags with liner, BBs (big bags)
  • Storage products, storage in cooled warehouses


Ing. Pavel Švadlenka
+420 724 703 620

Free Production Capacity

AGRA GROUP a.s. currently offers free production capacity for processing products in service / re-work mode, the so-called toll processing.

We offer drying and thickening of products for the food industry, agricultural sector, pharmaceutical industry; we dry the products of fermentation processes and products for the technical sector.

We offer mixing raw materials before drying, mixing powder products, mixing during the drying process. The products can be concentrated on a vacuum evaporator before drying. Agglomeration technology represents a part of the RSM dryer. It is possible to produce agglomerated powder products with higher solubility.

We offer product storage and distribution to target customers directly from our production facility.

For more information about current free capacities, please contact us.

1. Drying products - jet dryer with a capacity of 500 litres of evaporated water per hour

  • Reception and storage of liquid raw materials in four stainless steel tanks, each with a volume of 50 m3 with the possibility of mixing, heating and cooling.
  • Mixing components, preparation, neutralizing raw material before drying.
  • A part of the two-phase dryer is a vacuum multi-phase evaporator, which can be used for pre-concentration before drying the product and subsequently for increasing the drying performance and economically more effective drying process.
  • The machine includes agglomeration technology. The resulting products dried on this plant can be agglomerated and therefore their solubility can be increased.
  • Packaging dried product in bags, bags with liner, big bags.

Technical parameters

Storage tanks for receiving liquid raw materials with a capacity of 4x 50 m3
- mixing, cooling and heating the product

Three-phase vacuum evaporator
- output 3500 kg of evaporated water per hour, thickening the product before drying to dry matter approx. 50%, microbicidal effect, includes pasteurisation plant

RSM 500 Dryer
- output 500 kg of evaporated water per hour, final dry matter of the product according to the customer's request, preheating, storage tanks 2x 3 m3, fluid trough for after-cooling the product, cyclone, agglomeration technology, various nozzle options

2. Drying products - jet dryer with a capacity of 80 litres of evaporated water per hour

Drying products for the agricultural sector, pharmaceutical industry, products of fermentation processes, technical sector.

Technical parameters

Storage tank for liquid raw materials
- stirred, volume 1 m3

Niro Dryer
- output 80 kg of evaporated water per hour, the product's final dry matter according to the customer's request, two fluid troughs for after-cooling the product, possibility of mixing the powder product with another component, cyclone, bag filter, various nozzle options

3. Thickening products on multi-phase vacuum evaporators

We have four multi-phase vacuum evaporators. Some products are thickened in the evaporators before drying.

Products for the food industry are also thickened here. We thicken malt and ensure its sale. The company offers available evaporator capacity to use.

Technical parameters

  • evaporator with a capacity of 3,500 kg of evaporated water per hour
  • thickening products before drying to the most suitable concentration up to 50% of dry matter
  • thickening products up to dry matter of 80%
  • bottling products into IBC containers, plastic buckets

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