Spring barley

Key points of spring barley nutrition:

UREAstabil® – a fertilizer that “waits for the rain”

  • urea with a urease inhibitor – high certainty of efficiency even with minimal precipitation
  • nitrogen distribution in the root zone during the certain moisture period
  • compared to other fertilizers, it does not cause waterlogging of the soil profile
  • dose 1.0 – 2.5 q/ha, application ideally before sowing

Sufficient available nitrogen and other nutrients are a prerequisite for minimizing the influence of stress factors during vegetation.

Replenishing the nitrogen reserve in the root zone as required

StabilureN® 30

  • urease inhibitor for UAN, UAS and AmisaN fertilizers
  • improves the permeation of surface-applied urea nitrogen to plant roots
  • reduces nitrogen loss by releasing ammonia to the air
  • dose 0.1 l / 100 l of UAN, UAS and AmisaN fertilizer
  • possibility of combining with plant protection products and growth regulators

Formation of a foliar area and maintaining its high activity, limiting the reduced yield-generating elements


  • foliar fertilizer for all types of vegetation
  • ideal for vegetation stressed by cold, wetting, soil compaction, etc.
  • phosphorus and potassium in rapidly acceptable forms compared to conventional fertilizers
  • biologically active organic component with anti-stress effect (humates, amino acids, betaine)


  • foliar fertilizers with a complex of nutrients (N, Mg + Mn, Zn, Cu, B or N, P, K + B), nitrophenolates, humates and amino acids
  • increasing plant activity and gaining nitrogen and other soil nutrients
  • support for establishing and developing yield-generating elements
  • plant regeneration after damage by hail, pests and diseases
  • dose 4 l/ha, BBCH 23 - 32

FORTEalfa®, FORTEgama®

  • foliar fertilizers with a combination of nutrients and anti-stress components (humates, amino acids, betaine)
  • ideal for applications with reduced root nutrient uptake (drought, wetting)
  • a possibility of using for suppressing nutrient deficiency based on inorganic plant analyzes (inorganic plant analyzes)
  • dose 4 l/ha, BBCH 23 - 61

CAMPOFORT® fertilizers

  • a range of foliar fertilizers with a complex of nutrients and biologically active substances
  • optimal application according to inorganic plant analyzes - suppressing nutrient deficiency and balancing their ratios
  • dose 5 to 10 l/ha, BBCH 30 - 59

The foliar area creates resources for plant construction and therefore the formation of yield-generating elements. The plant then has more energy sources available, which can be used to suppress stress factors due to weather, diseases or pests.

Intensive formation and transfer of assimilates into grain

K-GEL 175

  • foliar fertilizer with a high content of potassium and a gel component preventing drying and crystallisation of the mixture on the leaf surface
  • support of sugar formation – starch source, which forms 2/3 of the grain
  • dose 4 – 5 l/ha, BBCH 39 - 49

NanoFYT Si®

  • silicon nanoparticles with natural esters
  • improving water management in the final stages of vegetation
  • dose 0.3 to 0.4 l/ha, application in BBCH 55 – 69

Potassium supports the formation and transfer of starch components. These form 2/3 of the grain and mean a full and germinating grain.

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