Winter wheat

Key points of winter wheat nutrition:

Creating a nitrogen reserve in the root zone in the spring

UREAstabil® – a fertilizer that “waits for rain”

  • urea with a urease inhibitor – high certainty of efficiency even with minimal precipitation
  • nitrogen distribution in the root zone during a certain moisture period
  • compared to other fertilizers, it does not cause waterlogging of the soil profile
  • application in regenerative or production dose
    • lighter soils - dose 1.5 – 2.0 q/ha
    • medium and heavier soils - dose 2.0 – 3.0 q/ha

Replenishing nitrogen reserve in the root zone as required

StabilureN® 30

  • urease inhibitor for UAN, UAS and AmisaN fertilizers
  • improves the permeation of surface-applied urea nitrogen to plant roots
  • reduces nitrogen loss by releasing ammonia to the air
  • dose 0.1 l / 100 l of UAN, UAS and AmisaN fertilizer
  • possibility of combining with plant protection products and growth regulators

Formation of a foliar area and maintaining its high activity, limiting the reduced yield-generating elements


  • foliar fertilizer for all types of vegetation
  • phosphorus and potassium in rapidly acceptable forms compared to conventional fertilizers
  • biologically active organic component with anti-stress effect (humates, amino acids, betaine)


  • mutually combinable foliar fertilizers with a wide range of nutrients, nitrophenolates, humates and amino acids
  • increasing plant activity and gaining nitrogen and other soil nutrients
  • support for establishing and developing yield-generating elements
  • plant regeneration after damage by hail, pests and diseases
  • dose 4 l/ha, BBCH 23 - 69

FORTEalfa®, FORTEgama®

  • foliar fertilizers with a combination of nutrients and anti-stress components (humates, amino acids, betaine)
  • ideal for applications with reduced root nutrient uptake (drought, wetting)
  • a possibility to use for suppressing nutrient deficiency based on inorganic plant analyzes (inorganic plant analyzes )

CAMPOFORT® fertilizers

  • a range of foliar fertilizers with a complex of nutrients and biologically active substances
  • optimal application according to inorganic plant analyzes  – suppressing nutrient deficiency and balancing their ratios
  • dose 5 to 10 l/ha, BBCH 30 - 59


  • product based on pure nitrophenolates
  • to increase the plant growth intensity and gaining soil nutrients
  • to increase the content of nitrogenous substances in the grain

Support for formation and transfer of assimilates into grain

NanoFYT Si®

  • silicon nanoparticles with natural esters
  • improving water management in the final stages of vegetation
  • to increase the content of nitrogenous substances in the grain
  • dose 0.3 to 0.4 l/ha, application in BBCH 55 – 69

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