Production program

1. Drying of liquid food products assistance by the jet drier with drying capacity of 500 liters per hour

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The company operates in Nový Bydžov brand new jet dryer Vzduchotorg which is technologically equipped for drying liquid food products. Receiving of material is realized in stainless steel tanks with the possibility to blend into other solid or liquid components before drying. A part of the drier is also thickening of materials in several multistage vacuum evaporators with different capacities. Drier is equipped by a packaging line with packing into big bags or paper bags with plastic insert.  Wrapping machine is equipped with a metal detector. Dried products are stored in warehouses. We also use refrigerated warehouses for storing of our products.


 Dryer Vzduchotrog


Sušárna Vzduchotorg 5



Sušárna Vzduchotorg                         Sušárna Vzduchotorg 2


Sušárna Vzduchotorg 3                          Sušárna Vzduchotorg 4



2. Drying of liquid products assistance by jet drier with the drying performance of 80 liters per hour

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The company operates in Nový Bydžov with jet dryer NIRO, which is technologically equipped for drying food products. With assistance of this drier we dry product for agricultural sector. Receipt of materials is carried in containers into refrigerated or non-refrigerated warehouses.


Dryer NIRO


DSC 0006



DSC 0007



DSC 0008


3. Thickening of liquid food products assistance by multistage vacuum evaporators

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The company has four multi-stage vacuum evaporators. On the evaporators to thicken certain products before drying. We also provide thickening of products before food using. Currently we provide thickening of sweet wort.

The company offers free capacity of evaporators for food usage.


Evaporator Wiegand

Odparka Wiegand                         Odparka Wiegand 2



Kladno´s Evaporator

Kladenska odparka


Kladenska odparka 2




4. Postharvest treatment of poppy

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We analyze, dry, clean, pack and store the poppy safely. In 2009 the company Agra Group had opened new working line which is also complemented by new technologies and we gradually expand its capacity.

  • packing, cleaning and storage of poppy.

Receipt of poppy

  • receipt of poppy to warehouse is performed "from the field" storage capacity is sufficient to receipt all of the poppy on the day of harvest;
  • receipt of poppy can be performed from the supplier's warehouse during the year.


  • basic analysis (humidity, temperature, purity, sensory properties) are performed during bringing in together with weighing with immediate transfer of information to customer;
  • determination of purity, content of cadmium, morphine, glyphosate and other chemical products, is provides externally;
  • average samples from each delivery are collected by using samplers.


  • drying is performed assistance by drying boxes blow through poppy with preheated air;
  • possible increase in temperature of the material is corrected blow through with cold air;
  • if it is necessary, we can separate delivery containing storage pests into quarantine warehouse with the possibility of special treatment of material;


Pre- purifying

  • is carried out with the help of pre- purifier Westrup or separators Cimbria;


  • is carried out with the help of purifier Westrup and Cimbria, if it is necessary we use seed sorting machine, purity of poppy is usually 99,9%;
  • purifier is equipped with two permanent magnets for magnetic metals removal;
  • purifier is equipped with a detector of magnetic and non-magnetic metal particles with their separation;



  • big bag (BB);
  • paper bag 20 or 25 kg;
  • small bag 0,5 or1 kg;



  • we store our products into big bags in warehouse, which is designed for storage of food at the required temperature;
  • loading and shipping are ensured;

5. Trade with poppy - purchase and sale

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  • we offer to our customers purchase of pure poppy carried out with the help of purifier AGRA GROUP
  • in the case of the sale of poppy from purifier in Nový Bydžov we offer interesting discount program;
  • we offer purchase of poppy, which was not purified on our purifiers, poppy must be Czech origin;
  • we offer purchase of poppy for fixed price before harvest;
  • we realize the sale of poppy in Europe