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Introduction Food Division

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AGRA GROUP a.s. -Food Divison specializes in two sectors:

- Postharvest treatment and trade with czech blue and white poppy seeds

- Toll manufacturing, spray drying and thickening of food products

Production facility of Food Dision is located in city Nový Bydžov in Eastern Bohemia.

Entire production processes are certified by FSSC 22 000.


Provided drying and thickening services/ Toll manufacturing

  • Drying of liquid foodstuff into the final powdery products (protein, starch, milk, whey, leaven, salt, sweet wort, wort, ...)
  • drying of liquid materials for agriculture and construction industry (spores, plasticizer of concrete, component for animal feeding, …)
  • perform testing, trial, pilot tests of drying new products for those without previous experinces
  • providing technological support, know how for drying and thickening before drying
  • thickening of liquid foods to final products (80% of dry matter, ...)
  • blending of dry ingredients in a blender (protein, powdered drinks, ...)
  • packaging products into sales packaging (from 500 up to 3 000 grams)
  • storing food, non-food, possibility of storing in refrigerated warehouses

Cleaning, drying and packaging of agriculture commodities – poppy seeds

  • Postharvest treatment of poppy seeds- Czech blue poppy seeds, Czech white poppy seeds

yearlong storage of poppy in poppy straw
admission of goods, analysis, drying, cleaning, packing and loading of blue poppy, white poppy and flax
trade with Czech blue and white poppy seeds

consultancy of poppy cultivation

  • Poppy Seeds

breeding preparation, sales and distribution of seeds of poppy
varieties Aplaus, Major, Bergam, ...

  • Trade with a poppy

purchase of blue poppy and white poppy
sale of blue poppy and white poppy

  • Consultancy of poppy cultivation

our sales representatives provide consultancy of poppy cultivation and consultancy of the application of fertilizers and active substances for using in the agricultural sector
consultancy is provided over the phone or in personal meetings on the spot with control of the specific crop


Production and distribution of liquid fertilizer

  • AmisaN, RETAFOS® prim, CAMPOFORT®, FORTESTIM®, ...

  • DEMI urea solution

In 2014, the Food Division of AGRA GROUP received certificate of Management and food safety

 FSSC 22 000.