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Since it was founded in 1992 AGRA GROUP has focused on foliar fertilizers and their further development, as well as new technologies in the field of plant nutrition. Our company cooperates with several agricultural research institutes and universities with the aim of solving current problems of agricultural practice. The evaluation of research projects is supported by our technical consulting service. AGRA GROUP - with the help of their sales consultants - primarily offers advice in the area of agriculture, pomiculture and viticulture.

The knowledge gained from research results and the years of experience of our crop consultants enabled us to provide special nutritional advice for pomiculture and viticulture in 2007. There is a huge interest in this consultation at fruit-growing farms. This consulting service is provided by our field staff with the assistance of our consultants who specialize in plant nutrition in orchards and vineyards.

The evaluation of plant analysis and soil samples plays an important part in the consulting services offered by AGRA GROUP. The resulting fertilizer recommendation is aimed at increasing and saving the yield and quality of the crop.

This crop consulting, especially on plant nutrition issues, is carried out as part of the promotion of foliar fertilizers under a contractual agreement with agricultural enterprises.