Post-harvest Poppy Seed Processing

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AGRA GROUP has been in the poppy seed business since 2006. In 2009, AGRA GROUP celebrated the opening of its new, modern plant for the post-harvest poppy seed processing in Nový Bydžov.

Currently, several thousand tons of poppy seed are being processed by the most modern machines from the Westrup company. After the complete drying and leaning, the poppy seed is then packed according to the customer's desire or put into bags of 1,000 kg for a long-term storage. As part of our efforts towards a comprehensive service, we offer to mediate the poppy seed sale for our customers, or to buy the poppy seed from the customers. In view of the fact of a stable development and highly careful post-harvest treatment method with modern Westrup machines, AGRA GROUP brings a high food quality, single batched poppy to the market.