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UREAstabil® is a new, innovative and concentrated amidic nitrogen fertilizer with urease inhibitor content (NBPT). Fertilizer granules are sorted by size, which guarantees more precise application and reduces dust content. The urease inhibitor that surface-coats each granule, delays conversion of CO(NH2)2 into NH4+ after dissolution. That increases the direct efficiency of applied nitrogen. Hydrolysis occurs only after UREAstabil®is soaked, when the inhibitor concentration decreases due to dilution. Due to its activity there are no losses of N caused by leakage into air when it is applied onto the soil surface, so rapid penetration into the root zone is ensured and the undesirable fixation of NH4+ on the soil surfaces surrounding plants is reduced.

UREAstabil® fertilizer is a proven solution for quicker penetration of nitrogen into the root zone during soil surface application for better plant uptake. UREAstabil® eliminates the “slow” effect of urea while preserving its characteristics. A further advantage is limited nitrogen loss into air by ammonia leakage, especially if it is not possible to immediately incorporate the fertilizer into the soil.

UREAstabil® fertilizer delivers two fundamental advantages:

-          Sufficient single dose

-          Application in time of moisture security


Details about StabilureN® are available on dedicated microsite


Foliar fertilizers

Foliar fertilizers are products through which the nutritional status of a plant and the plant metabolism may be affected. This requires the nutrients and the accompanying materials to be absorbed by the above-ground plant parts, especially through the leaves.

AGRA GROUP fertilizers are sold in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Foliar fertilizers are liquid fertilizers with balanced nutrient levels. The listed products contain organic formulation adjuvants which enhance the effect of the applied nutrients in two ways:

  • They promote distribution of fertilizer solution on the leaves and stabilize nutrient coating on the leaf - they have good wetting and adhesive properties and high hygroscopicity. They enhance the even distribution of the spray solution on the leaf surface to increase the adhesion of nutrients on the leaf and the durability of the nutrient lining in the rain. The accompanying materials promote the adhesion of the fertilizer crystals on the leaf after drying of the solvent (water). This improves the effectiveness of fertilizer and increases their duration of effect.
  • They promote the absorption of nutrients in the plant metabolism - they come together with the nutrients and activate or intensify the course of metabolic reactions through the plant epidermis. Consequently, it leads to synergy of action of physiologically active substances and improved utilization of plant nutrients.

Foliar Fertilizers for the Fall Application

Foliar fertilizers for autumn application have been designed specifically for use in winter cereals and winter oilseed rape. The aim is to strengthen the plant metabolism before winter, encourage root growth and increase the production and storage of stock agents. A stronger root system provides better conditions for the storage of stock agents and allows for easier water and nutrient uptake even under difficult growing conditions. The autumn foliar fertilizers favour overwintering of stock agents. Application is an important measure for a good recovery - for a better start for crops in the spring.


    Products from the FORTESTIM® series are foliar fertilizers, which contain a selected nutrient complex and accompanying substances. Its synergistic effect accelerates the regeneration of winter crops and intentionally influences the intense growth of summer and permanent crops at the beginning of vegetation. The accompanying substances on the basis of nitrofenols substantially promote the uptake of nutrients and nutrient usability. They help to alleviate stress. The organic component also influences the application quality of the foliar fertilizer. Four groups of this series fertilizers have been developed, which are specific for the application in certain crops.


      Foliar fertilizers from the CAMPOFORT® series belong to the category of formulated fertilizers. They are designed especially for crops with an unbalanced plant nutrient ratio. These are products where the application is recommended based on the knowledge of the plant’s nutritional status (determined by plant analysis).

      The aim is:

      • to reduce the deficit of macronutrients
      • to eliminate the deficit of micronutrients
      • to influence the emergence of high-yield-forming factors positively
      • to limit the reduction of yield-forming factors

      The application of CAMPOFORT® fertilizer is suitable:

      • in the intensive phase of growth when the plant is not able to add the missing nutrients
      • in the production or reduction phase of high-yield-forming factors
      • when the nutrient ratio is unbalanced
      • during periods of temporarily restricted intake of nutrients from the soil
      • in periods of worse growth conditions when the metabolic activity is low (herbicidal stress, unfavourable temperatures, water conditions, improper pH, etc.)

      CAMPOFORT® fertilizers are supplied according to the type and the nutrient levels in three product series:

      Foliar fertilizers containing macroelements are called CAMPOFORT® Garant

      Foliar fertilizers containing microelements are known as CAMPOFORT® Special

      Foliar fertilizers with a higher proportion of the main nutrients are known as CAMPOFORT® Ultra

      Foliar fertilizers CAMPOFORT® Forte with NPK + trace elements and CAMPOFORT® Plus with N, Mg, S have a very special position.

        Additional foliar fertilizers

        Additional foliar fertilizers are applied in cases in which, with the help of plant analysis, a high nutrient deficit is found in plants. Since these are simple solutions of technical salts without any formulation substances, it is advisable to put additional foliar fertilizers into a common application with CAMPOFORT® or FORTESTIM® foliar fertilizers (compliant with the miscibility table). In cases in which the plants suffer from a shortage of 2 - 3 nutrients, the possible combinations of different foliar fertilizers increase. The concept of CAMPOFORT® and FORTESTIM® formulated fertilizers is very economical and helps to achieve "a tailored nutrition". Additional fertilizers can also be used without the plant analysis - particularly at locations where the farmer is aware of a significant deficiency of certain nutrients.

        The CAMPOFORT® and FORTESTIM® foliar fertilizers can also be applied together with conventional herbicides, fungicides and insecticides, provided that the manufacturer does not exclude them.


          Adjuvants are substances which are suitable for the stimulation of sufficiently vigorous plant growth or to overcome already subsided stress. They are used in many agricultural crops in the spring when the plant growth already has the conditions for a strong increase of metabolic performance, which is positively reflected in the yield and quality parameters. By stimulating, it comes to a support of production and stimulation of high-yield-forming factors. Further, the root activity, the activity of assimilation, nutrient uptake and nutrient use are improved. The processes of production and saving of storage compounds are positively affected. One positive influence is the fact that they increase the tolerance against some pests.

            Basic Fertilization

            1. Fertilizers from this group are, in contrast to the above-mentioned products, particularly for the basic fertilization, i.e. nutrient uptake with the help of the root system from the soil.
            2. It is characteristic for these fertilizers that besides nutrients, other substances are included to improve the movement of nutrients in the soil and limit the losses.
            3. These fertilizers are best for OR deal primarily with nitrogen nutrition. They bring new possibilities of application and, when used correctly, are very economical.