Crop Technologies

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All agricultural products have specific requirements during their crop cycle. These specific environmental claims arise from the current physiological processes in plants in the respective development phase and from reactions to the conditions of the environment in which the plant is located. They are also influenced by the breeding aim (product yield and quality requirements).

The optimal cultivation is a complex of measures and their timing. Their objective is to limit the risks of the field crop to a great extent and to meet the demands of the crop the best way.

We have prepared examples of production processes in terms of plant nutrition in the menu on the left side. There are the applications of AGRA GROUP products described to solve specific problems during the vegetation.

Plant development phases for each crop are characterized graphically with the help of the BBCH-scale and above are the periods of time in which the crop activities should be carried out. The periods correspond with colour recommendations to prevent crop problems or to stabilize a well-developed plant growth. The product application is described in very general terms under the displayed scale. The user can get more detailed information in the section on specific products.

These crop technologies should be understood as a part of other crop-technical measures. These are mainly crop protection measures, with which they can be combined effectively. Particularly important for the decision to use an AGRA GROUP product is always the specific knowledge of the crop needs and of external conditions in which the crop growth is located.