Introduction Agrodivision

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The AGRA GROUP opened its doors in 1992 at its headquarters in Střelské Hoštice.


AGRA GROUP began with the production of fertilizers for the home, small gardens and agriculture. In the following years, it exclusively focused on agriculture and agricultural specialized crops.


AGRA GROUP produces and markets special fertilizers and other products, which aid in plant nutrition and plant stimulation, and is a leading provider in the Czech market.


In 2006, the product portfolio of AGRA GROUP in Europe was expanded with a completely new fertilizer based on a stabilized urea. The production of this fertilizer and a pure stabilizer are patented. AGRA GROUP cooperates closely with research institutes and agricultural faculties of various universities, focusing on plant nutrition and the effect of plant stimulators. The research results are immediately introduced into commercial use in the form of new technologies and products.


In 2008, AGRA GROUP expanded into the food market. We are currently developing three different food products. This development will be completed in 2011 and the individual products will be introduced to the market.


In 2009, AGRA GROUP celebrated the opening of its new, modern plant for the post harvest poppy seed processing. With a stable growing base and highly careful post-harvest treatment method, AGRA GROUP brings a high quality, single batched poppy to the market.